In the Artisan Cheese Masterclass, you will learn how to craft plant-based versions of camembert, cheddar, truffle cheese, cumin gouda and smoked cheese. Their common feature is a four to six-week aging process which transform basic and minimal ingredients into a full-flavored and remarkable vegan cheese.

Embark on this journey that will transform you into a vegan cheese-maker and that will amaze your family and friends!

Hi! I am Jéromine from DELI DEVI

I have always been passionate about cheese, so when I turned vegan, I tasted all the plant-based cheese I could find in the stores. But none of them would satisfy my cheese craving. Or it didn't taste like cheese or it didn't have its texture.

Looking for healthy substitutes to quench my longing for cheese sent me on a journey.

This journey brought me to open Deli Devi, a boutique health store but also a chocolate and vegan cheese factory.

Very soon, our cheese became the most popular and well-known in our area. We started supplying restaurants and shops on a wholesale scale.

People from all background came to me asking how the cheese were made.

I started to offer workshops into plant-based cheese-making that quickly became fully booked, with waiting list. As the requests grew and came from all over the world, I decided to create this online course to share more widely this precious and rewarding knowledge.